Traditional Indian fashion has a very long history and it follows strict rules in regards to when and where to wear it. But as with everything else, clothing changes over time and you can now find very modern versions of older more traditional pieces. Let us take a closer look at the past and the present of Indian fashion.

All over the country you will find different types of Sarees, Ghagra Choli or Salwar Kameez, depending on the region and the weather. But all of them are a very important part of our culture and fashion designers all over are trying to preserve this cultural aspect in their fashion lines. The saree and salwa suit are the most common worn traditional clothing items, so here we go:


The traditional version of a saree has remained in its basic form for centuries. It might vary in length and width but it is always a rectangular piece of cloth usually combined with a blouse and a long skirt. These outfits come in matching sets and you can see them worn by women everywhere. The modern saree is a bit more toned down when it comes to colours and embroidery and very often it also comes with a short blouse that shows a bit of skin. Designer like to play with modern prints and mix colors. Many women choose to wear a modern saree to work or in everyday life and save the colorful ones for special occasions.



The Salwa suit is a favorite for Indian women all over the world. This 2-piece suit consist of a pair of trousers and a top/dress that traditionally covers the knees. The style of both items can vary a lot. There are loose trousers and others with a more tight cut, the top can have longsleeves or no arms at all, it comes with straight cuts or with a petticoat cut. This outfit really is the right ensemble for every style and body type. That is why young fashion designers love the salwa suit so much. They can play with different cuts and mix it with modern styles. Many of these suits are very classy and make a perfect business outfit. Others are playful and are great for a day out with the family. The big difference between traditional and newer versions of the suit is the cleavage. The traditional suits do not reveal any skin beneath the shoulders.



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