More and more women are becoming interested in tech gadgets. Smartphones, fancy headsets and powerful cameras are just a few things you’ll find in a modern ladies handbag. Women will also always love things that are pretty and posh and the combination of tech gadget and glitter bag is, for many, irresistible. So here are some pretty pretty things that will make your girly heart jump.




Depending on the occasion, your choice of headphones could change at any time. If you are running, on your way to work or hanging out with friends your headgear needs to go with the flow. Many of the headphones available today are plain black or silver and are not much to look at but you will find models that come in cool designs and contrasting colors. Here are some stylish models that you do not want to miss out having in your collection.


SkullCandy UPROCK PINK Rs 1801

Skullcandy X2WHFY-826 WHIP Purple RS 615

Sony MDR-XB400 WHITE Rs 1715

You will find all three headphones


A smartphone is a device that nobody can do without anymore. The right hardware is surely one of the main arguments to buy or not buy one of these gadgets but a lady does not want to be seen with a huge device that resembles a ugly looking plastic-brick. Here are some options that will make you look good while you chat on your phone. No matter if the phone comes in a nice fresh color or if you use a cover, there is no need for your phone to be drab.


Nokia Asha 305 Rs 4199

Mono Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 Rs 499

Huawei Ascend P6 Rs 25248

You will find all three offers


If you want to start a party right here, right now then all you need is a phone and a portable speaker. They come in all shapes and sizes, some of which are just way more stylish than others. Here we go – Pump up the beat!


ElecomAsp-Smp100Lpn Pink Rs 1999

IhomeIhome Purple Rs 9950

Irock Black Rs 3290

You will find all three offers