Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you have already had some romance today and that you will be able to spend it with your loved ones. We do know that some of you are last minute-people and especially for you we have a list of crafts that are put together very easily, even the kids can make them. 

Today is all about the heart and so we put together three heart-crafts that are fun to make and will be a guaranteed heartwarming present.

Cupid Arrows

What you need

  • Red/white straws
  • Red/pink/purple ribbon
  • Red/pink cardboard

arrowsCut out hearts in the size you would like to have them. The cutting should be done by an adult if small children are helping with the crafts. Let the kids tie the ribbon to the end of the straws. Make a small cut in the middle of the cardboard-hearts. End it off by letting the kids stick the straws into the hearts. It is a lot of fun for them to pretend to be cupid. The ones that where “hit” blow kisses to each other.

Heart Ornaments

What you need

  • Wool in different colors
  • Thin wire

heart ornamentsThis craft is as easy as 1,2,3… Cut the wire into 6 Inch pieces and bend them into heart-shape. Tie the wire ends together in the middle with the wool and then start layering the string around the wire. Do as many layers as you want and use as many different colors as you want. End it off with a knot and leave a sting of wool so that you can hang it in the window or on a tree in the garden.


Heart Wreath

What you need

  • Paper in Valentine’s colours
  • Glue
  • String

heartsPrepare this craft by cutting out a lot of hearts in different sizes. Then let the fun begin. The kids can easily glue them together to create a wreath that they can hang in the window or at the door. They also can use the small hearts to create one big one or to make a garland. Glue the string to the wreath so that you can easily hang it up.