It’s time for a journey and today we travel through the culinary landscape of our beautiful country. Of course we’ve kept it proudly Indian and will give you a list with great recipes and the wonderful Indian food blogs that came up with them. 







Okra in Coconut Sauce  – Konkani Recipe from


Okra (Bhende) is a favorite vegetable in the Konkani kitchen. There are a lot of fantastic recipes all over the web, this one is a simple and a fast fix. It is nice as a side dish and it even makes a light and tasty main course on very hot days. It will take you only 20 minutes to prepare and you will likely have most ingredients at home already.


250g Okra
175 ml Coconut (fresh or frozen)
5   Teppal
Half a tea spoon tamarind extract
5 Red Chilies
Salt for seasoning

Find the cooking instructions here.


This blog is filled with a lot of great recipes from all over the world. Shilpa, founder and owner of the blog, was born and raised in India and is currently located in the USA. She has the privileged to be exposed to two different worlds filled with fantastic foods and recipes. Her instructions are simple and easy to follow. The blog is structured very well and you find all your favorite dishes with a few clicks.

But what we love most about her site is the personal touch. You will not find a recipe without a personal note that will let you into her world of food. It is a lot of fun to learn about her friends and family and how food and cooking brings all of them together. Also check out her cooking tips, I am sure you will learn something new.




Dosa With Coconut Sesame Chutney & Spiced Potatoes –



Dosa is perfect for any occasion. Breakfast, dinner or as a light dish in the afternoon, you can eat it anytime of the day. There are dozens of variations of the dish and you can serve it with a variety of toppings. In many households Dosa is a food typically served when a lot of people are over to visit. Family and friends can enjoy and share this meal together. We found a special recipe for you with an interesting twist.



440g  raw rice

70g  channa dal

70g yellow moong dal

70g toor dal

140 gurad dal

6 tbsp poha

2 tsp methi

3 tsp salt


Coconut Sesame Chutney

1 cup fresh or frozen coconut

2 tbsp sesame seeds

1 tsp tamarind or lime lime juice

3/4 tsp red chilli powder

1 tsp salt water

Spiced Potatoes

4 to 5 medium potatoes (boiled)

1 1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

Lemon-Juice (half a lemon)


2 tbsp oil

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

2  green chilies

1 sprig curry leaves

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1/4 tsp asafetida

Find the cooking instructions here.



Here you will find just about everything  food related. Drinks and food, baking and cooking. Recipes from India to Greece and all around the world but what really intrigued us is the fact that every recipe takes you on a journey into the authors world. Anushruti RK is a mother and entrepreneur and she creates every post with a lot of love and a good eye for detail. Her instructions are clear and even an absolute beginner can cook her food. In addition to that she is a good photographer and her pictures go like a perfect seasoning with every page.

You  find yourself spending hours reading your way through the pages. Even if you are not looking for any recipes at all.




Rice with marinated mushrooms/Kumbhi Pulao –



A rice recipe can not be missing in our food journey and here we have a very nice one with mushrooms. This dish is a delicious addition to any lunchbox and also a good family meal for the evening. With only a few ingredients, it is easy to prepare and you can also make it in big quantity.



blog-mushroom1 cup Basmati Rice

1 teaspoon Ginger/Garlic paste

1/2 cup Green peas

8 Button-Mushrooms

1 medium Onion

2 tablespoons Tandoori marinade

2 teaspoon capsicums (chopped)

2 tablespoon Clarified butter

1/2 teaspoon Cumin seeds

A pinch of Hing



Find the cooking instructions here.


The recipes are as easy as 1,2,3. No complicated explanations and no vague kitchen jargon.  The variety of categories will help you in every corner of your kitchen. The lunchbox tutorials for your children are great and you will definitely find some interesting information in the How To section. But what really won over our little cooking-hearts are the video recipes. Here you see step by step how the food is being prepared and how to handle the ingredients. On top of all of that there is a dessert section that you will not want to leave once you started trying them out.

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