It’s not just the right fit that can make or break your outfit, the right colours are equally as important. Not only for you but also for the people around you. With the right choices in colour you can make yourself  look calm, energetic or simply happy! Find out what colors influence the moods of yourself and the people around you.








If you want to be full of energy and positive all the way then these are the colors to go. For your workout at the gym you should pick a red outfit that will boost your energy levels.

Violet makes a great colour for your work ensemble and will also give you an added dash of creative energy.





greenThe colours of sun and nature are guaranteed to make your day brighter and happier. I doesn’t matter if you are going for an entire outfit in these colors of you just want to add a splash of it with accessories like bags and bracelets, you will instantly feel better and shine your way through the day.








blueIf you like to be relaxed and just feel like a goddess, then an all blue outfit is the right deal for your next night out. Dance till dawn and stay cool and calm. Add some sparkle with a blue-diamond statement necklace and enjoy the night.





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