Love it or hate it – Nothing brings people together like sport. We cry and party with our teams in good times and bad. We’ve put together a list with 4 unforgettable moments in sporting history that will instantly brighten your day. Whether your favorite game is Cricket or if you prefer American football, you’ll find these exciting moments in every kind of sport. One point away from winning the championship, one run away from breaking the all time record. So now put on your game face and enjoy these 10 happy moments in sports history.

2004 – UEFA European Championchip – Greece the underdog

We just love the story of the underdogs winning the big game against all odds. In 2004, the Greek football national team was that underdog and they made it happen. Listen to this commentator cheering for his team (click the picture). It is in Greek but it is so powerful that you can feel every emotion he and his entire country lived trough in this moment of glory.


2012 -Athletics Ohio Division III girls state meet – Meghan Vogel, the woman with heart

The race was almost over and Meghan Vogel was about to end with a top spot guaranteed, when her competition Arden McMath collapsed on the track. Meghan did not hesitate to stop the race and help the young woman to finish the race. They passed the finish line last but they where celebrated like winners.


2011 – Cricket World Cup – India finally made it

Do you remember where you were and and what you did that day? 28 years in the making the cricket worldcup trophy was ours again! I will never forget that moment when the game was over.


2000 – Summer Olympics – Eric Moussambani turns Eric the eel

He was set to compete because of a wildcard given to him. He was send because his country’s dictator was hoping for good publicity and Eric the eel did not fail him. The young man from Equatorial Guinea learned to swim 8 months before he participated in the Olympics. He finished the 100m freestyle in 1:52.72. His determination to finish his race won over the crowd at the swimming arena and people all over the world were glued to their TV screens to see if he would actually do it. And that was not enough – He also won the race with a time that would usually not even win him the 200m freestyle, due to disqualification of the other 2 competitors.


“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well” Baron Pierre de Coubertin, Founder of the International Olympic Committee