With spring just around the corner, flowers are beginning to bloom, there is excitement in the air and of course many people will be doing the traditional spring clean. We have put together a list of some of the best apps for your Smartphone, which are ideal for spring.

With plants and flowers making a comeback from the winter, it is the perfect time to tend to your garden. Technology has crept into all facets of our lives so why not into our garden?



Right_garden_bedGarden Squared is the perfect app for planning your garden. Each new bed you plant can be entered into the app and monitored allowing you to keep track of the age of the bed, how quickly your seedlings are growing and helps you learn from past mistakes.

Into Gardens is the best DIY news, gardening tips and will tell you exactly what you need to buy for specific plants to let them flourish.

Ever seen a beautiful flower or tree and wondered what it was called? Leafsnap has come to your rescue! Identify different fruits and vegetables, leaves, flowers and see a list of different species all on your Smartphone.



The most innovative app that will change your life with regards to household chores is definitely Chore Bank. All members of the family can be synced, making it easy to allocate chores and keep track of who is completing them. It is even possible to assign monetary value to each chore as an incentive.

The Good Housekeeping @Home app provides you with tips and tricks for cleaning your home. Learn how to clean various surfaces and materials in the most efficient way.