Spring is just around the corner and it is time to get outdoors again. Specially the kids love to be outside in the sun. If you want to plan a special day with the family, you will find a few ideas here to make the day perfect.Kids love food, they like to get their hands dirty and they just can’t say no to a fun craft project. So here are some yummy snack-recipes, some easy gardening tips for the kids and a great craft project for the whole family.


Snack it away!


 deviled-egg-boats-recipe-photo-420-0601-FF0600RECIPA09These little egg boats are going to be an absolute favorite for the kids. You can make the sails out of pepper, tomatoes or any other vegetable that you can cut into triangles. If you want to spice it up a little bit, you can also scoop out the egg yolk and mash it with a little bit of sweet mustard. Spoon it back in and sprinkle fresh herbs over it.

nut-butter-fly-recipe-photo-420-FF1010HFA20This pretty butterfly is a quick and easy fix for an yummy afternoon snack. All you need is an apple, a carrot and peanutbutter. If your child is allergic to peanuts you can also use chocolate spread or jam.


A flower cookie cutter, fresh bread and jam are all you need for thees blooms. If you are rather looking for a savory snack you can also use ham and cheese as a topping for these sandwiches.








Gardening with Kids


It is not always easy to have fun with the kids and to actually get work done. If you want to teach your children about gardening and nature there are a few easy ways to make it fun for everybody:


1. Give them their own space. Create a little corner in the garden where they can dig as much as they want and where they can use their own gardening equipment.

2. Let it grow! Have a plant in your garden that will grow quickly and that will survive a bit of a toddler beating. Lettuce is a great plant. You can literally watch it grow and at the end the kids can eat their homegrown veggie.

3. Let them be the boss. Give them a job that is not likely to let your garden end up in a chaotic mess. Have a small watering can handy and have gardening gloves for the kids. That way you can send them off to water your plants without worrying about them flooding the flower-bed.

4. Have a story to tell. See that you have something interesting to say about your plants and veggies. Or maybe you know a story about a little birdy that lived in a beautiful garden just like yours. Kids like to hear a good story and it makes it easier to remember facts and learn something new.

Easy Crafts

If you are done gardening you can take the fun inside and build a bird feeder. It is very easy to make and the kids will love to watch the birds picking grain from the feeder.

What you need:backyard-bird-feeder-spring-craft-photo-420-FF0507EFDA01

Empty plastic bottle

2 wooden spoons

Small hook


Knife or large scissors






Make 4 holes in the plastic bottle. Make sure that the wooden spoons fit through the hole.

Stick the spoon in until the thick side touches the bottle. Make the hole on that side big enough for the birdseed to fall on the spoon, so that the birds can pick them from there.

To hang it up you screw the hook in the bottle cap and attach the rope to it.

Now you can fill the birdseed in the bottle and close it with the cap. Find a place that is easy to reach but safe from wind and direct sunlight.