As this week at CouponSpy is ‘Valentine’s Week’ we are dedicating our sport post today to outdoor activities couples can enjoy together. You will be able to get outside in the sunshine, breath in the fresh air and get a good work out, all with your significant other by your side.

What better way to experience the outdoors than with your partner?


What’s great about playing tennis is that you can play as a couple against each other, or team up as a doubles team and play against your friends. You’ll be outdoors for up to 2 hours depending on the difference in skill level between teams and will work up a sweat while doing so. One of the benefits of moderate sun exposure is that our skin synthesizes vitamin D from sunlight, so you will be getting a good dose while out playing tennis.



Depending on your fitness levels, you can go for a walk or run in the park or along a pretty part of the city. You will see your surroundings from a different angle and it is a great motivator exercising with a companion. Perhaps that leisurely walk will become a half marathon in a few months time? Walking and running utilises most muscles in the body and is a great way of exercising the entire body.

Mountain Adventures

There are so man different activities to participate in when you are near a mountain range. For the more easy going, you can go hiking. Where there is a mountain, there will be climbers so if you are fit and daring, try out mountain climbing. You can also trek up a river, boulder hop and swim. The possibilities are endless so contact a nearby national park to find out what is available.



Yes, this may seem very ‘old school’ but skating in all forms is definitely making a comeback. Grab some skateboards and head off to the nearest skate-park or pull out your old roller-skates and go for an outing with your other half. Isn’t it romantic skating along a beautiful path with the person you love? And you’re working out in the process too!


For those water babies, you will be pleased to see this on the list. You can kayak in any body of water be it the ocean, a lake or a river and couple canoes are available everywhere. Work out those arms without lifting weights at the gym and spend time with your partner while you’re at it.



If you’re interested in exercise that has a low impact on your joints, bicycling is for you. You can stay on the road and pathways or opt for something more adrenlaline fuelled by going mountain biking. Either way, you will have your loved one nearby. Taking it to the next level in coupledom – try a tandem bicycle!

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