Since 1983, My Little Pony has been in the hearts of thousands of girls around the world. The brand has gone through several changes in their 30 year history with 4 generations of ponies having been designed until now. While the franchise started out with colourful toy ponies with manes and tales, some even featuring clip on wings, they have expanded substantially to include movies and television series. 

The new My Little Pony movie ‘My Little Pony: Equestria Girls’ is being launched in August 2013 and promises the adventure and excitement that the series is known for. Queen Twilight Sparkle is trying to get to grips with her new title when another pony steals her crowns and escapes to another world. Determined not to let Sunset Shimmer ruin her kingdom, Twilight and a friend cross over to the other world only to be transformed into human teenagers at high school. They must fight with the magic of friendship to save both worlds from ending.


For fans of the series, don’t worry the story line will not change as a result of the movie and it means there are will be a range of new characters that you can purchase and keep at home, recreating any event and ending it as you see fit. For My Little Pony merchandise, check out Flilpkart and use any of the deals found on CouponSpy.