Whether you are part of a couple or going on a first date with someone this Valentine’s Day, use technology to your advantage for every aspect of the day.

From ordering gifts and flowers to finding the perfect romantic date, it can all be arranged from your computer or smartphone.

1. Avocado App

This app is ideally suited to couples as it allows them to catalogue their photograph’s and synchronise their calendars without sharing the information with any one else. It is the ultimate organiser when it comes to coupledom.

2. Blushbox

Aimed at couples and singles alike this subscription service will send a box of adult themed toys and gadgets on a monthly basis. Explore your sexuality with ease thanks to Blushbox.

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3. Techie Jewellery

Struggling to think of the perfect gift for your techie partner? You can now order a customised QR-code necklace, cufflinks and bracelets with a hidden message in it.They are not only beautiful jewellery but truly unique. It will have your loved one surprised and delighted.

4. Cufflinks with a Difference


For your corporate beau, try out these fantastic cufflinks. Not only are they chic and eye catching, but they have a hidden USB drive and are their own wifi hotspot! Convenience for any techie.

5. Sci-Fi Classics

If your Valentine is the kind of person who just loves movies and sci-fi, why not get them a box set of sci fi classics? The set includes classics such as Kong Island and Wasp Woman.