If your little one loves bright colours and exciting patterns then a traditionally styled bedroom might be the right choice for your next renovating project. With a few simple tricks and the right accessories your young one will have his own little palace in no time.

Pillows and paravent – Here we go!


If you are not planning on buying new furniture every time your child changes their mind regarding their favourite colour or the setting of the room you better choose plain furniture that will blend with many different colours.

BED – Go for a single bed from an early age. They grow so fast you will have to keep on buying the kiddy sized ones. Extra storage space under the bed is always great. Some beds come with draws, some just leave enough space to store containers underneath.

DESK – It is very important that the desk is the right height for your child. If it is too low or too high your child might develop back pain. There are desks available that can be easily adjusted  so opt for these. These are usually a bit more pricey but worth the investment, as you will have to keep on buying desks otherwise.

CLOSET – Make sure that your kid is able to reach the clothes by themselves. Shelves and the railing should be adjustable so that the closet can grow with the child.

NIGHT STAND – A night stand is not a necessary furniture item in a kids room but it can come in very handy. You can put a reading lamp on there and of course you have a perfect place for their favourite book. It also gives you some storage space for toys or clothing.

A-Z-Sitzsack-Verholt-aus-Stoff-in-Rosa-Bodenkissen-UpSolute-Rosa-gemustert-guenstigEXTRAS – There are a lot of furniture items especially for kids. Most of them are for fun . You can add a slide to your child’s bunk-bed or you can equip the room with a mini sofa lounge. If you want to add some extra furniture in your Indian palace,  floor pillows are a great and fun way to do so.


A very easy way to change the look of a room is a new coat of paint. Purple, pink and yellow can be used in a room like this. If the child is a little bit older a toned down colour is a better option. Kids grow out of bright and shining colours very fast and you do not want to paint once a year. If you go for these colours you can also combine them very easily with other themes or just decorate it plain and simple.



CURTAINS – Chiffon curtains will look fantastic in this room. They are light and let the sunlight into the room. They also bring a dash of colour to windows without making it look too bright. If you go for white curtains without a print you can easily reuse them for the next decoration.

CARPET – A carpet in a child room takes a beating every day. So make sure it is easy to clean, not too light in colour and that the material is strong. Also try to pick a carpet that you can use for a long time and with different decorations. Play carpets with prints are a good option if you have tiles or wooden floors. You can get them with different themes (animals, cars, plants…) and you can pick the perfect one for your theme.  A small play carpet can also be used as beside rug.

BEDDING – With bedding and blankets you can easily change the whole look of the room. Brightly coloured bedding or blankets with a big  elephant on it is a quick and affordable way to bring India into the bedroom.


Here you can just let your creativity play. Mix modern items with traditional pieces and create this warm feeling of home in your child’s room. It is a lot of fun to get your little ones involved in the process of decorating. Let them draw colourful pictures and take them along when you pick the decoration at the store. It will surprise you how much of an interior decorator you will find in your child. A very easy way to bring a piece of India into the room is a wall sticker. You can stick them onto every clean and even surface. So not only walls but also furniture or doors can get a new look.

There are a lot of online stores that specialize in all things child and baby. Here you find a list of shops for babies and kids.